How to Get Booked AND Paid to Speak Even if You Have No Idea Where to Find Gigs, Who to Contact or What to Charge

Finally . . . get a proven complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to get Booked AND Paid to Speak. No ambiguity or confusion. This is LITERALLY the playbook I've used to earn over TWO MILLION DOLLARS from speaking.

Whether you're trying to get your first speaking gig or book your 67th—this course will show you EXACTLY what to do . . .

Is This You?

Before I became a speaker, I can remember sitting in presentations or conference sessions, listening to the presenter, all the while thinking . . . I can do that!

Something about being on stage in front of a live audience being able to teach, encourage, motivate, and inspire them seemed extremely rewarding and fulfilling—also pretty cool!

Have you had this experience before? I thought so.

So finally I got tired of just being in the audience, and I was ready to get on stage. 

But I had no clue where to begin . . .
Have You Ever Asked Any of These Questions?
  • Where do I even begin?!?
  • How do I find the right audience?
  • How do I prepare a memorable message that resonates?
  • How do I be compelling on stage that leaves people wanting more?
  • Where do I find gigs?
  • How do I get my first gig?
  • When (if ever) should I speak for free?
  • How do I negotiate speaking fees?
  • Who are the decision makers and how do I get in contact with them?
  • How do I sell myself as a speaker to decision makers?
  • How do I get noticed in a crowded industry?
  • How do I get booked, not just once,  and how do I network with other successful speakers?
I know exactly how you feel.
See Real Numbers From a Real Speaker Who is Actually Making a Living From Speaking
I used to see other speakers and just know I could do that if someone would just show me how to get started.
But through a combination of trial and error, learning from other mentors, and just getting started, I've build a full time career as a speaker for the past 7 years. Just to put that in context, here are some numbers . . .
I don't throw out these numbers as a pat on the back, but to show you I've figured out how to get Booked and Paid to Speak.
If you want to find events that book speakers, learn how to connect with decision makers, actually start earning real money from speaking, and make a difference with your message, you have two choices:
Keep Dreaming
Keep wishing that somehow the speaking invites will magically start pouring in and somehow you'll just "fall into" becoming a speaker.
Follow a Proven Path
Why reinvent the wheel? Find a mentor who has created something you want and learn from them.
Your Biggest Struggles With Finding Speaking Gigs . . . Solved
Every week, I get emails from people wondering how to get started as a speaker. Maybe you've sent me one of those emails :)
Some people want to speak full time and others would love to speak just a few times each year. Either way, I want to teach you EXACTLY what to do.
I'm going to show you . . .
  • EXACT email scripts I use to connect with decision makers!
  • My simple tricks and hacks to discover events that actually BOOK speakers
  • How to find decision makers and sell yourself even if you hate selling!
  • How to know when and what to charge and when it's okay to speak for free.
  • Every possible marketing strategy I know that has got me booked over the years . . . this alone will save you hundreds of hours!
  • All the paperwork (contracts, info forms, etc) and checklists our team uses for booking an event.
  • How to position yourself as an EXPERT in a market so you get PAID!
  • How to determine what topics to speak on and how to frame it for decision makers so you actually get booked.
  • What products and services to create to help leverage speaking to spread your message and influence further (and how to sell from stage without annoying your client or audience).
  • How to create a demo video and what to include in it (and what not to include).
  • Every tool and system we use to run our multiple 6-figure-a-year business as a speaker.
  • How to transition from your full time job into a full time speaking career (which is exactly what I did).
  • How to get your very first speaking engagement even if you've never spoken before!
The Booked and Paid to Speak Course is Right for You If . . . 
  • You market yourself as a speaker but you're FRUSTRATED because you're not getting the leads or bookings you want.
  • You want to speak a few times each year in you niche/industry but are OVERWHELMED and don't even know where to begin.
  • You're ready to get serious about your speaking career and want a SHORTCUT from someone who has been where you are.
  • You're STRESSED with all details and want to see behind the curtain of how a successful speaker runs a six-figure business.
Alright, Let's Address Some of The Elephants in the Room. I Know What You're Thinking . . .
When I decided I wanted to become a speaker, I was working during the day selling home security systems and at night was waiting tables at a fine dining restaurant. My wife just had our first daughter. We had bills piling up and family responsibilities calling to me. 

How would I ever find the time to start speaking? 

You can do this, but there’s no easy button. I can show you EXACTLY what to do and hold your hand every step of the way, but you still have to do it. Forget about the giant task of speaking at 50+ events each year and managing all of that. Let me start with just teaching you how to get your FIRST gig. Then we’ll worry about gigs 2 through 50 :)

Slow consistent progress is the key to achieving any massive goal. Make a commitment to work on it every day and you will see success much sooner than you think. 

I did exactly what you’re trying to do, so we even include a specific lesson called “Transitioning From Your Current Job”

We all hate that feeling of showing up somewhere and not really knowing anyone. Whether it be some networking event, social gathering or random family reunion with people you only see once every few decades, it’s not a pleasant experience. 

As humans, we all naturally gravitate to things that feel safe and comfortable. You’ve seen the stats that public speaking is consistently listed as one of the biggest fears for people. So as much as you may like the idea of speaking, it’s totally natural to wonder if you can actually do it.

I get it.

The first time I was paid to speak ($1,000 to speak for 45 minutes), I found myself wondering, “Who am I to be up here talking to this audience? I’m no one special.”

Today I’ve become a pretty good speaker, but do you know how that happened? By actually getting on stage and speaking. Shocking I know right? :)

It’s not fair to compare your starting point as a speaker to someone who has been at it for years. Of course, they’re going to be better than you.

But you don’t have to be this refined, polished, world expert to get booked and paid to speak. You can start with your current base of knowledge, your experiences, stories, and journey and still make an excellent speaker.  
I remember thinking I wanted to be a speaker, but even then, I wasn’t really clear what that meant! What do I talk about? Just whatever they tell me? Do I have to write a new talk every time? That sounds like a lot of work. 

Am I supposed to be funny? But what if I’m not a comedian? I don’t have any personal tragic life story to share. I’ve actually had a pretty normal, fairly uneventful life…does that disqualify me from being an interesting speaker? 

Here’s the good news . . . I’ll help you not only discover what you should speak about (based on your passion, experience, and story), but also how to find the right kind of clients that are looking for a speaker like you to share your message!
So What Will I Learn From This Booked & Paid to Speak Course?


Select a Problem to Solve
Why Do You Want to Speak? Knowing why you want to speak will make a big difference in determining who you want to speak to and what you want to speak about.

Who Do You Want to Speak to? Helping you identify your ideal audience.

What Do You Want to Speak About? What topic are you an expert on? We’ll also discuss the expert myth.

Speaking Industry Overview. Learn about the different markets you could speak to. Fee ranges of speakers and what do most speakers talk about? 


Prepare Your Talk
Different Types of Talks. Learn about the differences between keynotes vs workshops vs seminars and why some pay more than others.

How to Develop Your Talk. What do you even talk about? Learn how to create a compelling, engaging and informative presentation. 

Presentation Skills. When you should and shouldn’t use technology. How to best practice for a talk so you are prepared but not robotic.


Establish Yourself as the Expert
Developing Your Brand as a Speaker. How to build a consistent brand and look in your marketing materials and why it matters.

Building Your Website. Find out exactly what you need on a website to get started and what you can do without for now.

Demo Video. Tips for making a quality video. How long it should be and what it should include. Also, what to do if you don’t have any footage. 


Acquire Paid Speaking Gigs
How to Find and Email Potential Clients. An in-depth process of how I reach out to potential clients and what I email them (including actual email scripts and conversations with clients).

Finding Opportunities. Google & Referrals. How I use Google to find opportunities and how to build relationships with other speakers and clients for referrals.

Finding Opportunities. The Rest of the Best. How to leverage your current bookings for future business. We’ll also cover gaining repeat business, showcases, and getting media & press.
Plus, These Bonus Lessons!
  • How to sell from the stage like a boss!
  • How to handle confusing business stuff like taxes and legal entities.
  • How to become a PRO at traveling.
  • How to manage cash-flow as a speaker.
  • How to transition to full-time.
And More!
So What Exactly Do I Get With the Booked & Paid to Speak Program?
As soon as you purchase, you will get IMMEDIATE access to the ENTIRE course!
  • All 4 modules and bonus lessons (designed to walk you through every detail of a profitable speaking business!)
  • Lifetime membership (so you’ll never miss out on all the awesome updates we’ll be adding to the program!)
  • 24/7 access to the program (everything is digital and downloadable so you can take the curriculum with you on the go!)
But What if I Put A Cherry on Top of This Already Unbeatable Deal?
These are special bonuses I’ve created because they’re some of the more asked-for resources I get from students in my program. They will help you not only build your speaking career, but also your business in general!
What Other People Say
Your Investment is Only . . .
Let's Be Honest . . . We Know You're Wondering if This is Going to be Worth it. 
If you complete the homework, submit the worksheets, and show that you've given effort and don't see results, we're happy to process a refund. 

Just email us within the first 30 days showing that you've actually tried our system, and we'll refund every penny. Our goal is to help you succeed as a speaker, not sell you stuff that doesn’t help.
Still Have Questions?
Who is Booked & Paid To Speak for?
You want to speak full-time but have no idea where to begin. You are speaking a few times here and there but aren’t sure how to get paid or increase your business. You have a great offline or online business already and are interested in speaking a few times to network and help promote your product or service. You want to make a difference in the lives of other people with your message. 
Who is it NOT for?
You expect to get paid thousands of dollars without putting in the work. You think speaking is a get-rich-quick opportunity.  You think this will be easy and won’t have to do any hustling to make it work. 
What specifically will I learn from this course?
You’ll get a proven complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to get booked AND paid to speak. No ambiguity or confusing theories. This is LITERALLY the play book I’ve used to earn over ONE MILLION DOLLARS from speaking. 
Do I have to complete the course in a certain time frame?
Nope! Once you join, you’ll have lifetime access to all the training and any future updates and additions we make! You can go completely at your own pace and with what works best for your schedule. 
Am I being shipped a physical product? 
This course is completely digital, so nothing will be shipped to you. Once you enroll, you’ll receive instructions on how to log into the membership area so you can start accessing the materials. 
I don’t live in the USA. Will this still work for me?
We actually have several international students who have participated in the course. While some examples may be US-specific, the strategies and tactics will apply in most parts of the world. 
What if I want to speak in the nonprofit/youth/corporate/college/ cat lovers market . . . will this still work?
While there may be small nuances between markets, the process of how to get booked and paid is universally the same. This course will give you what you need to start getting booked and paid to speak in any market. 
How quickly can I expect results?
If you hustle and work hard to get your marketing materials in place (website, demo video), you can book your first event within 90 days. 
How much access do I get to Grant?
The course is designed in large part to be DIY. I have taken everything I know about the process of getting booked and paid to speak and put it in this course. I will have some involvement in the private Facebook group, but if you want more personalized or customized help, you might consider working with me as a coach. 
How can I contact you?
If you still have questions, please email me at
What Other People Say
“Every aspiring speaker needs a mentor or coach to help them get to the pinnacle of success they are trying to have in the speaking business. Grant Baldwin is that coach. He gives you EVERYTHING you need to know to build a successful speaking business. Stop considering whether you should make the investment in his coaching and JUST DO IT! I promise that you will not regret it.”

— Laymon Hicks, Speaker
"Grant’s training helped me kick start my speaking career. His tips, tools, and assistance were really awesome in that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Grant is a fun guy to work with. His balance of professionalism, humor, and fun make him, in my opinion, a successful person.”

— Brandon Lee White, Speaker
“Grant is one of the few people I am able to turn to when looking for direction and advice in the speaking market. He understands how to get bookings and brand speakers. He is always able to offer insight and give ideas on how to grow and expand business. Simply put, Grant’s a superstar. He knows what it takes to rock the stage and build a great brand and is able to pass that along to other speakers.” 

— Ryan Porter, Speaker
“If you are looking at getting into the speaking business, look no further. Do not pass GO, go directly to Grant! Grant’s knowledge about the speaking industry is unmatched. The information that I learned from Grant is invaluable. His coaching has more than paid for itself within two months. I owe much of my success to Grant and his coaching. He started his speaking business from nothing to being one of the top speakers in the industry. If you are serious about being a speaker then partnering with Grant is the smartest thing you can do.”

— Michael Cuestas
“We’re so grateful for a chance to get advice from Grant. His practical business tips are helping us create a clearer vision for our business and make exciting choices for the future.”

— Emma Chapman & Elsie Larson,
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